Tidelli Launching New Outdoor Furniture In The United States

The Brazilian company Tidelli will be expanding their outdoor products to the United States market. They have 8 new furniture collections that are all designed to be used for outdoor living and they showcased their products in Los Angeles. The collections will be named Bali, Conica, Goa, Nusa Dua, Piramide, Savannah, Shambala, and Sailor.


The designs are made to made to look like faux concrete. The furniture is made with several layers of resin that is styled to look like real concrete and with a very rigid surface texture. They will come in colors like cement, white and graphite. They are designed to be very weather resistant, suitable for outdoor living.


One of their new unique types of products is a woven mesh chair called the Mesh Swivel Lounge Chair. They also have a sofa made out of nautical ropes and wood called the BoraBora Sofa. They have many other contemporary designs that have won them design awards in the past.


Tedelli Outdoor Living is a family run business that originated out of Brazil in 1989. They are focused on manufacturing luxury outdoor products and have been a huge success as one of the first outdoor furniture makers in Brazil. They mainly started making products with synthetic fiber and aluminum. Prior to their grad opening in California, they opened over 20 furniture stores all over Brazil.


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