Traveling Vineyard – Drink Wine Make Money

Traveling Vineyard sells more than 15 brands of wine within the U.S. states. The firm has created a portfolio of grape suppliers from South America, France, and Chile. It also employs cutting-edge technology in its manufacturing processes to ensure that it produces high-quality wine for its customers.

The organization uses Wine Guides in its business model. Wine Guides are highly trained self-employed consultants who market the products by holding free wine tasting events and earn commissions of up to 35% of their personally generated sales. The company has attracted thousands of Wine Guides in more than 40 states, thus increasing the market share for its products. The model has enhanced the business’s overall market share in the past three years.

In addition, the company has been profitable and is setting up several wineries across the U.S. to reach many customers. Participating in Traveling Vineyard brings several practical lessons. The firm offers better incomes keeping in mind that the wine business is a less competitive profitable venture. It also supports its employees until they attain a sense of fulfillment. The organization has a solid social media presence and often uses these platforms to market and sell its commodities.

Being a wine guide can be a very rewarding experience. One of the major benefits that wine guides discuss is the flexibility that the job provides. Wine guides have the ability to work as many hours as they want. Some wine guides choose to do the job part time, and others decide to make it a full time job. Wine guides will be able to live the lifestyle that they want, and when they are ready to market delicious wine, they will be able to make a good income doing so.

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