Universities Are Dropping The Ball When It Comes To Discussing Controversial Ideas According To Charles Koch

The United States was built on the premise that freedom of expression is the key element in the positive growth of a nation. The United States was also built on non-conformity and offensive ideas. Without the contrast, there is no growth, according to billionaire Charles Koch. Koch wants colleges and universities around the country to get back to the basics, and ignore the conformists that want to promote selective ideas and homogenized beliefs.

Koch is an outspoken businessman from Kansas. His family owned company, Koch Industries, is one of the largest privately owned company in the country. Koch is known for his financial participation, and for promoting the Republican agenda. Charles and his brother David are big donors to conservative ideas, but they are also considered liberals at times. Charles has even given Hillary Clinton credit recently for being the most qualified candidate for president.

Koch has also teamed up with Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York recently even though the two men rarely have the same viewpoint when it comes to political concepts. Both men believe American universities are becoming havens for conformity rather than welcoming controversy. A large number of colleges are staying away from men and women that have radical ideas about sensitive topics. Universities are closing their borders and only accepting what “feels right” rather than openly allowing freedom of speech and expression. College administrators are afraid to upset their benefactors that have a distinct goal in mind rather than an open society agenda.

If institutions of higher learning continue to accept the norm rather than embrace the offensive topics as learning tools, the United States will continue to fall behind the rest of the world, according to Mr. Koch. Controversial people and topics must be discussed openly on campuses across the country, and Koch and Bloomberg are speaking out to help make that happen. Every sensitive issue has found a way into mainstream society in some way because they were topics of conversations on college campuses.

The ability to offend is a tool for expansion. Koch and Bloomberg want to bring offensive topics back into college conversations.

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