Up-Close With Imran Haque and Why He is a Force to Reckon with in the Medical Industry

Imran Haque is widely considered to be an astute medical practitioner offering high-quality medical services with a keen emphasis in internal medicine. Apart from being a competent and licensed medical physician, the good doctor possesses an impressive academic resume that includes a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana as well as an M.D from the University of Virginia. With experience spanning over a decade, the highly acclaimed medical professional has proven to be an invaluable asset in the medical industry with extensive expertise and experience in diagnosing a range of illnesses. A recent interview with the North Carolina-based practitioner helped lift the lid on his professional career.

Onset of Business Idea

As an upcoming doctor at a local hospital, Haque credits recognizing a unique opportunity to offer extensive services by meeting local needs of the community which had been neglected for a while. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied patients, the good doctor felt inspired having pursued this opportunity.

How Ideas are Brought To Life

According to the medical guru, any decent idea requires precise diligence, hard work, adequate research and financial resources. More importantly, researchers must exercise patience and organizational skills to ensure the success of any business idea. As an integral element, forging symbiotic relationships and networking can go a long way in building a professional’s career.

Habits That Promote Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Multi-tasking has proven to be an essential success ingredient in the entrepreneur’s life. Just like breathing, multi-tasking has allowed him to perform exceptionally beyond his wildest thoughts and progressively molded his perspective as a productive entrepreneur.

An Essential Strategy That Is Crucial To Building Your Business

Treating others with as much respect as you would have wanted is critical in forging a formidable business. Such a conventional rule has positively impacted interpersonal relationships and building symbiotic connections.

Mr. Haque

As a force to reckon with in the medical industry, Mr. Haque undeniably possesses a keen business acumen and insightful leadership skills that have catapulted his status as a prominent professional. The University of Virginia alumnus has become synonymous with synonymous with offering diabetes treatment, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring, weight management and 360 resurfacing.

Unlike other experts, the good doctor has cemented a reputation based on his ability to keenly tend to a patient’s needs while also recommending the best treatment available.

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