What Is Rustic Luxury and How Can You Have It?

What is rustic luxury, and how can you get your hands on it? Well, if you tend to like the idea of heading out to a cabin for a vacation, but you’re seriously averse to the idea of sleeping outside, having bugs crawl over you or eating something that was roasted you over an outdoor fire, then you might like rustic luxury.


The only thing that is truly rustic about many of the outdoor homes that you will see listed under rustic luxury is that they have beautiful, secluded outdoor surroundings. Other than that, they might as well be Fifth Avenue penthouses.


For example, there are some rustic luxury cabins and homes out in the middle of nowhere that have five bedrooms, hardwood floors throughout the home and indoor pools. If this is intriguing to you, you might want to buy a home like this. The only thing is that it will cost you anywhere from 1 to 2 million dollars. If that’s something that can be on the docket for you and your family, then go for it!


The rest of us will likely keep our homes in subdivisions and crappy cabins on nearby lakes. To be sure, there’s something awesome about a home so extravagant that’s also in the middle of nowhere, but you also have to wonder where all the fun would be? After all, isn’t it kind of nice to be woken up by a scurrying mouse in the morning or to have to shower in freezing cold lake water? We think so.


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