Woolf Can Take the Bite Out of Speeding Tickets

Bikers may soon be strapping on a new piece of leather that will help them own the highway. The sleek rugged band of Italian leather goes by the name of Woolf and may tame the unruly rider, or at least let him or her tackle the bite of speeding fines.

The wristlet is a speed tracking device that is tuned into a global positioning system and database of speed traps, red light cameras, and crosswalks. Head out on the highway, on a Harley or in a car, and when the need for speed hits the Woolf lies at the ready tucked under even the tightest glove. The Woolf doesn’t bark or bite but vibrates in warning according to alert settings. Crosswalk warning? The vibrations signal how much, and when, to slow down. Patrol car with a radar gun? The good vibrations tune in and tell you how much you need to slow down. All legal, all discreet, and all looking like biker leather.

The technology has been tested in prototype form. The inventors claim a 30 hour usage from the Li-ion battery with a 3 hour recharge time. The embedded circuitry uses Bluetooth to communicate with an Android or IOS smartphone for GPS accuracy. The database covers 65 countries.

Woolf is coming to market with the assistance of crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The project funding goal is a bit under $100,000, and the project could fold if the goal is not met. Support is given via refundable pledges in varying amounts. If Woolf continues speeding along, your speed protection could be locked-in at a hefty discount. High-tech for the highway could be making your next road trip ticket free and safer as well.

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