Yeonmi Park: One Girl’s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activists that speaks out against the of the regime and living conditions within North Korea. This young lady left North Korea in 2007 and barely escaped with her life. She also has written and released a book on Amazon about her ordeal titled: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. In the book she describes the horrifying trials and situations that she had to face in order for her family to make it to freedom in South Korea.
This story takes place in North Korea where Park grew up in poverty. Her father eventually had to turn to smuggling to support his family. He was eventually arrested for his activities. Yeonmi’s father was also a political activist that spoke out against the former Kim Il Jung regime. While in prison he came across fellow political party members who wanted to leave North Korea. When he got out of jail he decided to take his family out of the country into the south.

Park’s father had decided to send his wife and two daughters ahead of him and he would meet up with them at a future date. Right before the family was ready to leave; Park’s older sister decided to go to South Korea with the aid of a friend. Her family had no idea where she was and they had to leave without her. Park’s mother and she began a long and dangerous journey to the south. They had to travel with human smugglers, outwit Chinese security forces as they crossed the border and be on guard against the human predators that roamed the smuggling routes.

Eventually, Park and her mother made it to South Korea. However, her family paid a huge price. Park’s father died of cancer shortly after he reached his family. Park and her mom had to continue on with the smugglers but this proved to be an extremely difficult thing to do. They eventually made it to South Korea. Shortly after they had arrived, the two survivors had discovered where their sister was located. The two women are now living in New York City and telling the world about their ordeal. You can find out more about Yeonmi Park’s story on Or watch her speeches on

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