You Need Immediate Cash, and Own Stocks

If you operate a small or medium sized business, things happen at times that make it necessary to look for emergency funding. One thing you have to use as collateral, rather than your business equipment, is stocks — equities.A conventional lender is leery of equity loans, though they will eventually lend on equities. The trouble with a conventional lender is that they must have a reason to lend the money, and a proposal needs to be in force for them to even consider the loan. When they do, they will not lend a high dollar to value ratio. The interest rate will be high and the funding low.

At Equities First AU, things are done a bit differently, to the liking of the business owners who have dealt with them in the past. They are a private lender, so there is no government regulations that will interrupt the flow of business. They are a private company, so they do not answer to stock holders with a narrow field of vision.

They lend money on equities. They have a high cash to value ratio, at times sixty to eighty per cent. Their interest rate is far lower than a conventional lender as well. And, they will not demand to know what the loan is for. The equities are good for the loan, not your business. There are no long loan proposals, and you get your cash super fast. Do not waste time with a conventional lender if you want an equity loan. Go to Equities First AU.


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