Young Woman Finds her Purpose Fishing in Alaska

Few people are fortunate enough to truly find their calling in life, but at 34, Alexis Abercrombie knows exactly what she wants to do, and it is not what anyone expected. In her early twenties, after a spur-of-the-moment trip to Alaska, she traded her life of glamour and modeling for a life on a fishing boat. While she expected this to be temporary, returning home after her first season, Abercrombie was drawn back to this challenging life.


As she apprenticed with a veteran captain to learn the trade, she realized there was an entire part of life that most people completely miss. She fully understood the relationship people can have with the natural world, the world that provides everything humanity needs to survive. She gained skills that are not taught anywhere else but absolutely necessary in Alaska, both to make a living fishing and also to survive.


While generous and full of resources, this world is a dangerous one, and out at sea, Abercrombie realized the true meaning of man versus nature. Between weather, wildlife and equipment issues, a life outdoors is completely unpredictable. Abercrombie gained all the experience and knowledge she could during her time training because she knew, once she bought her own boat, she was responsible not only for bringing in the fish but also for the safety of herself and her team.


As she learned the difference between cod, halibut and salmon and the techniques for catching different fish, she discovered true resilience and how to survive in a very cold and dangerous climate. Even on the most difficult days, though, Abercrombie knows that this life outdoors, battling the elements and truly experiencing the natural world, is where she belongs. She is not alone in that sentiment. Whether in Juneau or Sitka, fishing communities throughout Alaska are thriving. As a recent feature about Abercrombie describes, these people live and work in a world so foreign to most of America and the modern world. On a daily basis, they experience the beauty and immensity of the natural world coupled with the danger and challenges inherent in nature.


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